Friday, February 15, 2013

A day in the life: Bentley the Beagle new little brother Beemer woke me up super early this morning. My mom makes me and Beemer come to work with her everyday. I pretend to be too crabby to go to work but really I can’t wait to get there! She gets me and my brother in the car and we’re off! First stop, Caribou! Woof! My favorite barista is working! That means I get TWO treats! Beemer does too but Mom usually breaks one of his in half and gives it to me, cause I’m her favorite (shhhh…don’t tell Beemer) Finally, I am here! I get to see all those pretty girls that come and play with me all day long. Ashley says I bark too much but what can I say I’m a beagle! I patiently wait outside for my fellow beagle clan to arrive. I can smell Snoopy, Leo, and Gracie before they are even out the door! Until they get here I play with my friends Lucy and Lily! I have a lot of female friends if you know what I mean.
After all my friends get here we go take a nap on the comfy cots. I always curl up with my baby brother. I have to make sure he is getting his rest ya know, being a puppy and all.
After a long sleep Ashley wakes me up to play some more! I play hard because after that I know it will soon be time for some chow!! I scarf down my food before taking another nap. My mom always says I have to rest after eating or I will get a tummy ache.

Kayce lets me sleep a little longer while she prepares all of my friends to play with me in the arena. Once they are ready I dart into the arena to run through the tunnels and go down the slide. It gets pretty wild in there with all of the little dogs running around.I settle down a bit and take some time to cuddle with Kayce. She lets me sit on her lap and give her lots of kisses.

Whew! I am just exhausted! I have been running and wrestling all day long. Now I get to go home and rest after a long day of play. My favorite thing to do is go home and park myself in front of the TV and watch NCIS with my mom and brother. I have  to rest up for another big day of play at the club! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Place to Call Home

Recently, The Canine Club and Spa has taken over the Impound for the city of Chanhassen. It has been so interesting and rewarding. My favorite part of the boarding experience has always been the time when a dog that has been boarding reunites with its owner and the joy that explodes from the dog and owner when the dog comes busting through the door.  With impound this same thing happens only the joy is combined with relief. We have made this reunion even faster by partnering with city to ensure pictures are posted on the City of Chanhassen Facebook.  The City has been awesome pioneering this Facebook posting, and are getting rave reviews.

Some animals do not find their owners, and it is those animals that our hearts just break for. Not a day goes by that you won’t walk into Molly and my office to find an impound kitty sprawled out on the desk, that is when we are lucky enough to have one. Fortunately, all the unclaimed animals thus far have found a home immediately. It is those animals’ stories I’d like to tell this week.

Our very first impound was a lovable kitty, who affectionately received the name Kevin. Kevin was a sweetheart the moment I took him out of the crate he immediately started purring in my arms. What a perfect little cat. The entire staff instantly fell in love. Kevin’s days at The Canine Club flew by, and it was when his days with us were up that Kylie, one of our wonderful front desk girls, decided she just had to give a forever home to this sweet little guy. Kevin, now Optimus, is thriving in his new home with his new kitty siblings.  A purr-fect ending for a perfect little guy.

Right as Kevin was leaving and going to his new home, a spunky little black cat came into impound. His story started much different than Kevin’s. This little guy was thought to be about eight months old. He was nervous when he first arrived but it took only a few days for him to really come out of his shell. He was given the name, Wayne. Wayne had tons of energy, if he could crawl under something or atop something, he was all about it. When it was nearing the end of Wayne’s stay with us, we were contacted by a woman who had fallen in love with him on the City of Chanhassen Facebook.  With the assistance of a local rescue we were able to let Wayne go to his new wonderful home.  Another happy ending.

The next little guy has a real tear jerker of a story. After the death of his owner on Christmas day, a matted white fluffy dog named Bear came into our care. Bear was in pretty rough shape upon arrival at The Canine Club and Spa. He was scared, and rightfully so, a new place after a pretty dramatic life change. Bear, after a fluff and buff with a bit of a haircut, came out of his shell. Bear is a super sweet Bichon that had the cutest little smile. He spent his time with us and with no persons interested in adopting him; I contacted the Carver-Scott Humane Society.Bear aced his behavior assessment and the very next day was taken to the adoption day at Petco. It was there that Bear met a wonderful retired woman that fell instantly in love with him. Bear sat on her lap while she filled out the paperwork, and it was obvious that this was love that will outlast a lifetime.

I love telling these stories because so many of us found our furr-companions in a similar way. There will be many more animals that come into our care, so be sure to watch for their stories.

I wanted to give a special thanks to the Carver-Scott Humane Society; they have all been so helpful with these animals and so many others.

Rest, Relax, Have Fun

Adoptable Pets 

A friendly guy named Arthur is looking for a home through BARK Rescue. You can find out more about him by clicking on his picture.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Waggin' in a Winter wonderland!

Alas, winter has arrived and is here to stay for a little while. In these cold winter months, it can be difficult to get your furry friend the exercise he or she needs. The Canine Club and Spa has rounded up a few ideas for you and your buddy to have a safe, fun, and active winter!

Keep your pet warm while outdoors

                   Short haired breeds need extra warmth outside in the winter months. Investing in a sweater or jacket for your short haired dog can be a good idea, especially if he or she is going to be spending any extended amount of time outside. Booties may also be a good idea if your dog likes to play in the snow to protect against frostbite.        

Take care of your doggy's feet 

Your pup's pads are likely to feel the wear and tear of winter, and it's best to routinely check your doggy's pads to make sure they aren't cracking/dry. Road and sidewalk salt can be a great irritant to your pup's pads, so it's a good idea to put some Vaseline (used a salt barrier) on all four pads before heading out for a walk. Also make sure to clean paws after the walk to remove any ice and debris caught between the toes. Make sure to regularly groom and perform nail trims at this time of year; maintenance is crucial. If you suspect your pal has a pad infection, you should seek a vet's care.

Keep your pet active
Arrange play dates, go for a jog/run, drop em off at the Canine Club, purchase a dog sled….whatever you need to do to make sure your pet gets enough exercise. Also keep in mind, your pet needs to be fed more in the winter months to keep up with all the exercise. 

Think outside the box
Not all activities are going to be outside. Winter can be a good time to work on training/agility. So pull out the peanut butter and milkbones and work on different commands! "Leave it" can be a good one, especially for curious dogs that like to roam near half-frozen lakes and sites of danger. Besides training, you can build your bond with your companion by doing good for your community. Volunteering in hospitals and nursing homes with your doggie is a real treat for those who are cooped up in the winter months.


Unfortunately, dogs get lost most often in wintertime. It's a good idea not to let your dog roam around off-leash, since scents can easily be lost in the snow. Limiting your dog's off leash time in the winter as well as making sure your dog has id tags/contact info attached to his or her collar is a good precautionary step. 

Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any other wintertime tips!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Dog's Life: Barkley the yellow lab

I perk up in the backseat as my super canine sense of direction tells me we are pulling into the Canine Club. I mean it really is my favorite place to go! (don’t tell grandma I said that, although her house is a close second)
I’m in the door as fast as I can be to greet Betsy and Steph and McKayla and a few other girlfriends that take care of me every day. Ok, Ok, I know I’m cute but enough of the butt scratches, I WANT TO SEE WHO’S HERE!!

LINDAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! I just knew she would be here today to take care of me, I JUST KNEW IT. And there’s Bear and Moose and and  Ernie and Jake and Kuna and Chloe and OK you get the idea. But hey it’s still early; I know more of my friends are going to be here soon. I’ll be out here awhile, checking out my favorite spots and making sure everyone knows I was there, if you know what I mean. I’m glad Carrie is out here to throw that tennis ball for me, I just can’t get enough!

Time to eat breakfast , my mom tries to feed me at home, but she gets me up so darn early I just am not ready for that today. So she packs a breakfast and Linda gives that to me about this time each day. But only if I bring one... If I eat at home, that’s OK too! I change my mind every day because I like to keep my mom on her toes; I know she loves that about me.
Yay! I get to go outside again!!! It must be cold out because I can hardly recognize Hannah under all those coats and hats and gloves and snow pants and ear  muffs  she has on. But I could be out here all day! Only my paws get cold after awhile but all my girlfriends keep an eye on them for me to make sure I go in for a break when I need to.
Time for a nap while the staff takes a lunch break. Well sometimes I nap, or sometimes I play with Lulu in my room. I like to have friends in my room when I am inside. Some of my other friends don’t and that’s ok too. It’s good to take a break in the day so that I can catch my breath and let the snow melt off my nose. It’s always a good time to remember to take a drink too. When I am outside, I am playing so hard that sometimes I forget! Kind of like how I forgot where I put that bone last week, until my mom found it in her shoe.
It’s my favorite time of day…… SWIM TIME!!! Abby lets me outside to go potty quick, and I hurry and fast as I can because I just can’t wait! I love love love love love the pool. Seriously LOVE IT! Some of my friends don’t like it as much as me. They are magic and move the pool inside when it is cold outside! I don’t think some of my friends like to swim inside. But that’s Okay. Most of them love to swim outside in the summer. Sadie is one of my best swim buddies. That girl could tread water for hours! And did I mention her beautiful yellow hair and long white teeth and the cleanest ears I’ve ever seen and…. Sorry about that. Got a little distracted there.
Well I got all dried off after my swim. I don’t mind the blow dryer but the grooming dryer kennel is the best place for a nap after a long swim. After that it’s another trip outside to see what everyone else has been up too.

David and Deana are out throwing the Frisbee for Murphy and Bella and I have just GOT to get in on that action. Run, Run, Run, Chase, Chase, Chase…. Holy cats what a day! Speaking of cats! They have a strange room that always has lots of cats in it. I don’t know why anyone would want that but, hey, whatever wags your tail!
I can tell it’s almost time to go home when I hear those mystery voices calling my friends names. Sometimes my friends know their mom or dad is here when the car pulls in the parking lot! They are really smart. They must have gone to Caninedergarden.
But then…. Wait… is it her?…… yep…. It’s…. MY MOM!!!!
On the way to the car I can’t help but wag my tail, I have so much to tell her about! I sit in the backseat and wait for treats but before I know it I am falling asleep to that new Justin Bieber song on the radio. I don’t know what anybody hears in that guy. I mean the things they play on the radio these days… what ever happened to the Baha Men? They were awesome.
Well, I will catch up with all you guys later and let you know the latest gossip at the CCS.
Woof for now,

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New for the New Year!!

New for the New Year!!

We are starting a new thing for The Canine Club and Spa in this New Year. Once a week we will be posting a new blog post about an array of exciting canine topics! Guest bloggers, the Canine Club management, and a variety of other sources will be the experts participating in the creation of each blog post. We welcome ideas from you, the reader; feel free to email us with what you would like to see in the blog.
We hope you enjoy the things that come out of this blog! The topics will be a variety of subjects, including events in the dog community, medical, and things just for fun!

We want to hear from you! What do you want to see in the blog next week?

Rest, Relax, Have Fun! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Feed My Starving Children

On April 23rd, we volunteered our time to help feed starving children.

Several of our staff and friends joined us to pack meals!

 We had so much fun and plan to do this again very soon!

Friday, March 23, 2012